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We … at "Global Domain Sales " ... are an organisation that collects & promotes the sale of highly generic Key / Premium domain names. Whether a domain name is a single word, a small word, a big word, or a few words linked together creating a generic domain phrase, this is the place to list your 'name-for-sale. ( Domains for sale). * We currently own all the domains listed here .... however ... we now invite others to join us. Even if you 'park' elsewhere ... spread your wings & list here!

There is nothing more irritating than having to constantly chop & change ' Domain Registrars' or domain advertising portal sites, in order to to display or list your domains for sale / names for sale, ... or even worse ... having to change your DNS so that your domain is forced to resolve to a particular Registrar's website or a Portal website ... when they do not 'really' specialise in the collection of highly generiic 'key-word' domains, ... or 'key-word' domain phrases. How often have you come accross a website with hundreds of domain names... all obscure types with, hard to remember names, some have not one but several hyphens, some are hard to spell, ... sometimes even wrongly spelt, ... and your domain is 'lost' somewhere in the middle. Wouldn't it be nice to have your 'highly generic' name listed amongst numerous other logical generic Key Domains?

With so many Registrar's out there ... the question is ... which Registrar is to get the benefit of having your domain resolving to their website? As we are all aware by now, all Registrars have a 'sales' division whereby they promote the sale of domains. Opting for the 'change-DNS-route' means that your domain name can only 'resolve' to one site.

Our website address ' Global Domain Sales' is a perfect example of a highly generic Key-word Domain phrase - describing exactly what our core business is all about. Not only do we have this Key-word Domain ... but several others that point / re-direct to this site .... giving you a huge web-presence, from type-in traffic, and also from the usual Search Engine propogations through all the most popular Global Search engines. See examples below:

Other names that are to do with the sale of Domains ... or ... to do with 'Domains' that point to this site are as follows:

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